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Gluten Free Menus

This plan brings you gluten free recipes that are exciting and inspired. I want to help you make living a gluten free lifestyle fun and delicious!

Healthy Family Menus

Healthy, balanced, inspired recipes your family will love - and make you look like a rock star in the kitchen!

Our Philosophy

Real food, real easy. I want to help you bring more life to your table while saving you time and money!

Chef designed recipes, menus and online cooking classes to make you a ROCK STAR in the kitchen!

How It Works:

  1. Become a member! For an entire year – 52 weeks, get new recipes and menu plans for healthy weeknight family dinners! Once you become a member, you can remain a member for LIFE – for free!
  2. Bonus! All members get EXCLUSIVE access to The Mesa de Vida Kitchen Rock Star Academy! Online cooking classes, nourishment courses for a healthy new family legacy, Q&A with Chef Kirsten and MORE! 
  3. Every Friday morning get your new menu for the next week. Print your organized shopping list, or view on your phone or tablet, go shopping over the weekend for JUST what you need and be ready for the week!
  4. View your menu and recipes on your smart phone, tablet, or print out your menu to put on the refrigerator (you will need a free PDF reader, such as Adobe, for this). Every day you know what you will be enjoying! Indulge in your easy to prepare, healthy, gluten free and INSPIRED meals that will bring your entire family to the table and make YOU look like a kitchen rock star!
  5. Every week grow your database of delicious, gluten free recipes, saved right on your computer to access again and again! By the end of one year you will have HUNDREDS of amazing healthy recipes – including slow cooker recipes, morph meals, quick fix recipes and more – to enjoy forever! 
  6. Every week save time, save money and bring life to your table!

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Crushing garlic ingredients for Menus by Mesa de Vida

Learn how to be a better cook

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Easy to follow, chef-designed recipes

Ingredients for Menus by Mesa de Vida weekly gluten free meal plans

Affordable, easy to find ingredients


A plan of action for each week

(more than just recipes with a grocery list)


Bring More Life To Your Family Table


Chef Kirsten Helle, personal chef, nutrition consultant, creator and chef behind Menus by Mesa de Vida, has been featured on/in NBC, Fox, Huffington Post, iHeart Radio, NW Wild Country, Actively NW and many more